Gaming with Google Shared Spaces

It wasn't that long ago that the RPG blogging community was going crazy for gaming in Google Wave. I even wrote an article, Gaming with Google Wave, that included suggestions for best practices. Since then, Google had announced that it will be ending its support for Google Wave at the end of 2010 which has been extended through 2011. Several existing products, including Google Docs, have incorporated some of Wave's features such as real-time collaborative editing and messaging. Now, a team of former Google Wave developers are using their 20% time to bring us a new Google Labs product, Google Shared Spaces, which allows users to still be able to use all of those fantastic gadgets developed for Google Wave! Here are some of the key details about Shared Spaces.

A Market for Rules-Light Games?

The Rule of Rules-Light(er) on RPBlog II is a well-thought reflection of what most of us here at The Dice of Life have been struggling with. We want structure in our RPGs, but we have little room in our lives for complex rules.

So here are a few questions I have:

Review: Q-Workshop STRIKE and Classic Elven, Celtic 3D, and Forest Dice

Q-Workshop announced today new changes in its manufacturing, design, and pricing of its dice sets. To celebrate these recent changes, Q-Workshop sent sets of their new Classic Elven, Forest, and Celtic 3D dice for review.

NewbieDM Hits the Nail on the Head

This article strikes a chord with me, and I think will resonate well with other readers of The Dice of Life. It's not easy being a gamer and also a parent and spouse with a full-time job, and he makes a strong point that is important for all players and GMs to remember: "...parenting doesn't stop for [gaming], nor does it happen in a vacuum..."

in reference to:

"That’s fine, I get it, parenting doesn’t stop for D&D, nor does it happen in a vacuum, so I have little choice but to stop the game for a bit and go help."
- Warstories: Worst. Playing Environment. Ever. « www. Newbie DM .com (view on Google Sidewiki)

Game Geeks Reviews The Day After Ragnarok

I spotted this over on the Savage Blogger, and it immediately caught my eye. One of the guys in my gaming group has been raving about The Day After Ragnarok for Savage Worlds, and it has since been on my radar. I haven't picked it up only because of my recently even further limited budget. Luckily, this video includes a coupon code for a 20% discount at!

Game Geeks Reviews DAR!: "Kurt Wiegel at Game Geeks gives his ringing endorsement of my favorite Savage Setting:"