1PageAdventures: The Spider Caves of Grinlok

In our first installment of 1PageAdventures, we venture into a dangerous cavern filled with spiders and little green men -- The Spider Caves of Grinlok!

Recently there has been trouble afoot in Grinlok! Prior to your arrival, spiders had attacked outlying farms, and then a few day ago, suddenly a group of gobers began attacking merchants along the roads and even were brave enough to hit a house on the edge of the town just last night. Along with a few valuables in the house, the Gobers ran off with the mayor’s daughter Miranda and now he is frantic and at wit’s end. The people are nervous and scared, looking for someone to help them!

Lucky for them, you and your friends are in town and ready to do great things and make a name for yourself…

Actually you are quite down on your luck, and frankly the town’s offer of free room and board for a month and 100 gold pieces sure sounds good right now.

Download the The Spider Caves of Grinlok now.

Editor's Note: If you'd like to share your own stat blocks for your preferred system, we've created pages in The Dice of Life Google Group for each 1PageAdventure.


  1. I'm guessing that is a Risus adventure?

  2. It is written as such, yes. However, I try, for the most part, to use common monsters that anyone could easily substitute into the module, that way it is really usable for any system with only minor tweaking.
    We are planning to do some Savage Worlds 1PAs in the future. Is there any system you would like to see?

  3. I wonder if it would be worthwhile to publish posts that are statblocks of NPCs and monsters in various versions (e.g. - Risus, Savage Worlds, etc.) and then link to the respective statblocks in each 1PageAdventure.


  4. That might dilute the content for blog readers. Does Blogspot have a "page" feature that's separate from "posts", like Wordpress does? That would keep it out of the way but accessible.

    That said, I like that the 1PA leaves me to substitute the appropriate monster stats from my system of choice. (I have a lot of systems of choice!) I'd think that you'd only really need stat blocks for custom creatures and major NPCs. Everything else can be a "goblin", a "bigger-than-average orc", a "common bandit", a "poor knight", etc.

  5. @d7: I think you're right. R.K. Athey and I had a conversation about it after I posted that comment, and we came up with the idea of inviting readers to post their own statblocks in the comments section for other readers to use.

    Just a thought.

  6. @d7: To answer your question, blogger doesn't seem to have a method of creating other pages, but I think it can be sort of faked via labels.

    An alternative is to create a Google Site for this blog, which I'm considering doing as part of the Gaming with Google series.

  7. If you'd like to share your own statblock conversions for your preferred system, please feel free to post them in our Google Group. We've created a page specifically for this adventure and will provide pages for each 1PageAdventure.


  8. I really like the format of your 1 page adventures. They are nicely fleshed out. I am happy to insert them as appropriate with my players. I really like how you use the environment as an opponent. Keep making more!